We are all about our growers.

Intelligent automation for indoor agriculture.

We're proud to have made a product for and with the people who use it.  We want to bring your grow room into the 21st century with a system that combines cutting-edge technology and years of experience in growing environments.  Welcome to truly intelligent automation for indoor agriculture.

Our easy-to-manage remote monitoring and control systems help you produce faster crop cycles and better quality produce. All with a much smaller footprint, carbon or otherwise, than any other approach.

Discover why over 1,500 growers around the world choose us to help them get the most out of their crop.


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What we do is simple

Make it easy for growers to use their control systems

Help growers get their best possible results

Maximize crop performance for growers everywhere

The Autogrow Way

Affordable modern automation for all sizes of commercial growers

We work with growers with grow rooms from 10m2 to 10,000m2, and our open systems approach means that you're not locked into any one hardware supplier. Re-use your existing investment in equipment - you shouldn't have to throw everything out and start over with a new system.

Integrated full-function systems for Controlled Environment Agriculture with full alert capabilities

Our system lets you control everything from climate and irrigation to CO2 and nutrient dosage, letting you test and optimise your environment for the best crop.

Distributed process control with remote control capability

Keep control over your crop room even when you're not nearby. Our platform is accessible from desktop or mobile.

A modular software platform that lets you start small and grow

Choose what variables you want to control.  No extra bells and whistles.  Just good clean growing at a price point that fits.

What our clients say

“The Multigrow is the easiest way to control my greenhouse environment and watering.”

Dan Patience, JD Propagation

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Temperature and light for herbs varies from herb to herb, but we generically run three different temperature “zones” during winter. Most herbs have a minimum light threshold to grow, with some needing a much higher level than others. The cost to deliver both light and heat to achieve plant optimum growth rates throughout the year […]

Multigrow has arrived


Available in various formats to suit different situations and budgets The Multigrow is available in the following formats: 1) A large touch screen format which is proving to be the most popular as it provides a larger, high resolution, high brightness full color touch interface. 2) A screenless controller that is connected to a desktop […]

Announcing Multigrow


So called because of it’s multi-function capability, the MULTIGROW is a truly remarkable control system.  It is a modular system that can start off being used as a relatively small scale situation and can be easily expanded to control multiple greenhouse climate compartments with fertigation and/or hydroponic dosing of multiple tanks.  It can also monitor root environments as […]