Welcome to Autogrow

Our goal is to help you, the farmer, grow the best quality produce with a high yield and at an economic cost. If we help you to succeed then we too will be successful.We design greenhouse control equipment to not only give great results but also to have a overall low life cycle cost, to be easy to use, easy to service, easy to upgrade and be totally flexible. Our new MULTI system is, as the name suggests, multi-functional. Use it as a simple single or multi-compartment climate controller, a fertigation system, a hydroponic dosing system or a complete root zone/ climate monitoring system or any combination of these!

You only pay for what you use and you can easily expand later!

By connecting to a computer network and/or a wi-fi tablet (iPad, ePad or aPad or whatever) you get a new level of user friendly interface. With an internet connection it is a simple matter to upload the latest software which addresses the latest horticultural research. Need to calibrate an EC sensor out in the pump room - just grab the tablet and take it right to where you want to work - how good is that?

Take a look at the detailed descriptions and specifications and prepare to be impressed!

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