WINNERS ANNOUNCED: Hackathon to grow crops on Mars sees ‘duckweed’ take prize for best solution

  7 November 2017, San Francisco, USA: Hackathon team ‘Just Food’ and their innovative solution for utilizing the aquatic plant duckweed, took the win Sunday night at the inaugural 2017 Autogrow #CropsOnMars Hackathon. Global ag-tech company Autogrow acknowledged the solution was incredibly well thought out, achievable and original. “The team did an impressive job researching […]

Autogrow announces global first API Solution for indoor agriculture

AUCKLAND, NZ – Autogrow has become the first of the established players to launch an API (Application Programming Interface) for indoor agricultural growers; greenhouses, vertical urban, containers, plant factories, offering access to data traditionally not available to them. Called MyData(v0.2), this is the first release in a series of cloud-based solutions offering a universally accessible […]


Temperature and light for herbs varies from herb to herb, but we generically run three different temperature “zones” during winter. Most herbs have a minimum light threshold to grow, with some needing a much higher level than others. The cost to deliver both light and heat to achieve plant optimum growth rates throughout the year […]

Multigrow has arrived

Available in various formats to suit different situations and budgets The Multigrow is available in the following formats: 1) A large touch screen format which is proving to be the most popular as it provides a larger, high resolution, high brightness full color touch interface. 2) A screenless controller that is connected to a desktop […]

Announcing Multigrow

So called because of it’s multi-function capability, the MULTIGROW is a truly remarkable control system.  It is a modular system that can start off being used as a relatively small scale situation and can be easily expanded to control multiple greenhouse climate compartments with fertigation and/or hydroponic dosing of multiple tanks.  It can also monitor root environments as […]