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To boldly grow where no one has grown before

Innovative.  Exciting. Every aspect of your environment under your control.

Light and humidity, air flow, air and root temperature, nutrient delivery, pH balance and EC - with our system every variable is under your direct control, so you can maximise growth and efficiency.

No longer at the mercy of Mother Nature, Autogrow’s systems let you optimise your environment for the best crop yield both in terms of quality and quantity.

Our systems let you directly manage your resources and productivity. Add in 365 day availability, factor in the labour cost savings and the ease of controlling crop growth cycles and it’s not hard to see why CEA is increasingly popular.

Plus, Autogrow's approach to CEA also lets you escape the tyranny of traditional agriculture's most basic resource limitation – land itself. Autogrow's systems are equally at home in vertical growing environments, roof top conversions or containers.

We think there is something both exciting and humbling in taking an empty roof top and turning it into verdant growth. Or transforming an old shipping container into something lush that grows food, that most basic requirement for life. Damn but we love our work!

And the good news just keeps on coming. In the past, the costs associated with CEA would have been sky high, but Autogrow’s innovative R&D-driven approach, coupled with years of our clients’ experience, means that today CEA is remarkably affordable.

HVAC control

Optimise heating, ventilating, and air conditioning for consistent temperature in the air and at the root base.

Nutrient control

Supply the proper amounts of water and nutrients to the root zone, at the right concentration and right pH.

Cutting edge

We bring international best practice to our products so you’ll always be using the best the industry has to offer.

Lighting control

Manage light intensity, duration and interval. Enjoy control the Sun can only dream of...

Tailored for you

Tailored based on grower feedback – get only the products that you need when you need them.

Our difference

Whether you have one greenhouse or dozens, we work with you every step of the way to ensure success.

What our clients say

"We prefer Intellidose because they're capable but simple and robust.  They're perfect first time growers or anyone looking for systems that work day in and day out and are relatively uncomplicated."
Nate Storey
Dr. Nate Storey Chairman Bright Agrotech

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pH Mini
EC or pH Mini

Single function controllers let you manage fluctuations in your EC and pH. Add solenoid valves and dosing pumps to create a low cost dosing system.

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IntelliDose for greenhouse growers

Get hands-on with your crops. Experiment and compare – all while keeping costs under control.

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Your all-in-one multiple grow area controller, designed to grow with you.

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