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Grow your business,
shrink your footprint.

We've built a range of products so we can grow with you.

One size doesn't fit all. We can help you choose from a range of products with different levels of complexity and granular control. We promise to give you everything you need, and nothing you don't.

We have always believed in an organic approach to growth – start small and grow from there. Because of that, we deliberately set out to create a range of products that scale so you can start at a level that suits you and your business. Expand your growing space with a system that is scalable, modular, and easy to use.



Simple, robust, reliable.

Single function controllers let you manage fluctuations in your EC and pH. Use the unit as a simple monitor or add peristaltic pumps to turn it into a complete dosing control system.

Optimise nutrients

Complete automation of pH or EC

Simple to use

Simple interface


Redefining the benchmark for small automated dosing systems.

Regardless of what you’re growing or how big your grow room is, optimising nutrient levels and pH is critical to getting the best out of your crop. Combining ease of use with industry leading functionality, Intellidose is the perfect fit for any small commercial growing operation.

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Optimise nutrients

Complete automation of pH and EC; up to 9-part nutrient dosing with variable ratios

Day/night automation

Set different EC for day versus night, to optimise nutrient delivery to crops.

Irrigation systems

Control up to four separate irrigation stations.

Real-time monitoring

Receive SMS alerts if something goes wrong – sometimes, no news is good news!

Simple to use

Intuitive interface – only see the information that you need, when you need it.

Sets itself up

Autoset feature – automatically test your pumps and set dose times.


The industry's first touch-screen for greenhouses and Controlled Environment Agriculture applications.

Ease of use. Sophisticated control. Effortlessly manage delivery of nutrients and control consistency of humidity, temperature, and light. Our system lets you control multiple greenhouse climate compartments with fertigation and/or hydroponic dosing of multiple tanks. Monitor root and aerial environments, and receive alerts via rule-based systems for alarm conditions.

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Multi-monitor set up

Set up your system to monitor different aspects of your grow room on each screen.

Climate controller

Easily expand to control up to eight greenhouse climate compartments

Real-time monitoring

Our systems collect information 24/7 and can alert you if something’s gone wrong

Irrigation controller

Control irrigation by timer, time-of-day or by a radiation summer (solar integrator)

Dosing controller

Supports up to eight batched or simple dosed tanks in any combination

Remote management

Connect your iPad, PC, or any internet-connected device and review configuration and growth history

Available in various formats to suit different needs and budgets

Large touch-screen format

Provides a large, high-resolution, high-brightness, full-color touch interface.

Directly connect into your PC or iPad

A low-cost option for clean, office-like environments.  Use several screens for greater control over different aspects of your nutrient delivery system.


Complete analysis and control from anywhere in the world.

Find out about a platform to manage your growth data that is second to none. My.Autogrow gives you the confidence to walk away from your greenhouse knowing it is in safe hands. Every Multigrow purchase comes with a 12 month subscription to My.Autogrow.


Better Risk Management

  • Historical data is backed up on Autogrow’s secure servers: reload your configurations and history to replacement equipment in no time at all
  • Configurable SMS and email alerts tell you not just when things have gone wrong, but also when they’ve gone right
  • Remote diagnosis allows your support agent to solve most problems quickly without the need for a visit

Better Crop Outcomes

  • Share data with your agronomist or consultant, allowing them to provide advice without the cost and delays of physically visiting your site
  • Monitor and change device settings remotely, and respond quickly to any unforeseen changes
  • Have all your data for climate, nutrients, and irrigation in one place to improve decision making and optimise your crop quality and yield

More freedom

  • Growers tell us they can’t get away as they worry too much about what they’ll come back to. My.Autogrow.com solves that problem, delivering the peace of mind of knowing that everything you need to monitor is still with you, in real time, wherever in the world you are.

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